Connecting North America

As an independent NVO Carrier we set course to the coast of the USA and Canada with multiple weekly sailings from
North Continent and the UK.

Documentation and Operating Procedures are managed in close cooperation with our long time partner
Seagate Container Line Inc. | Transworld Shipping (USA) Inc.

Highly-experienced operational staff ensure professional cargo handling and constant monitoring throughout the shipping chain - at every step of the way.

As NVO we contract space allocations to synchronize your cargo capacity with the demand and choose the best vessel carrier
to move your cargo. We add value through cost management, transport innovation and the use of latest information technology tools.

As agent for Non Vessel Operating Carrier Seagate Container Line | Transworld Shipping (USA) Inc we work with best in class
alliances and shipping partners.

W E L C O M E   O N   B O A R D


Sailing Schedules