Company Profile

HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT was established in August 1993.  It has maintained its vision of excellence in the North Atlantic trade ever since.

The main goal of founding HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT was to provide, by means of an NVO, an alternative service for the manufacturing & trade industry without the stiff existing conference structure.

HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT participates in a stable increasing Europe/USA market with industry leading best in practice ocean carriers now increasing faster than ever.

The Transportation Industry is a strong increasing marketplace, undergoing constant changes that require high skilled
knowledge, performance and quality assurance.

HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT provides these skills with a clear structured organisation.

With a combination of quality, engagement, know-how and high skilled staff we can guarantee highest reliability in cargo handling - assuring highest standards in professional container transportation on behalf of international shipping lines.

We offer several weekly Full Container Service to/from North America.


  • Systematic Marketing and Distribution Techniques
  • Transport Solutions for door/door FCL Cargo with
  • Intermodal-Container-Service
  • Transport Cost Analysis
  • Logistic Consultation
  • Modern Communication Tools


Alexander Pagel (Betr.-Wirt DAV) joined the company in 2011.

A new generation enables HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT to continue on its traditional path of success through excellence and industry know-how and to further strengthen its leading market position.

"Our aim is the highest level of professional service. Not just as a business policy, but as a personal promise."

Alexander Pagel, Geschäftsführer von HANSE-SCHIFFAHRT


Alexander Pagel

Managing Director